Mother to be

Mother to be

Mother to be, How to protect your baby

One of the things you and your baby have in common is that you are both on a steep learning curve. For your baby it’s all about bombarding every sense he has, while for you it’s learning how to protect your baby from overload and injury. Until you see your baby crawling and staggering around your kitchen, you will not realise just how many accidents are waiting to happen.

As a mother to be you must make your home a safer place to protect your baby, not only because it will protect your baby but also because it will give you peace of mind to let him roam around.

  • A mother to be must put anything potentially hazardous out of your baby’s reach: medicines, cleaning products, electrical appliances, etc.
  • Install covers on your wall sockets and safety catches on your drawers and cupboards. You can buy plastic covers for the sharp edges of furniture, like the corners of your coffee table.
  • A mother to be have to get down to ground level, look up and see what your baby can see. You will then get an insight into just how tempting his world is: knives hanging over the edge of work surfaces, kettle leads dangling and lots of small objects to be picked up and swalllowed. This is an ongoing process, as your baby’s skills and abilities develop fast – so what was safe one week may be easily in reach after a couple of months.

The most common accident for babies is tumbling over as they learn to stand or walk. As they fall down they are likely to hit things like a table, or get a bang on the head while crawling around the floor. Some accidents you just can’t anticipate, so just make sure you are on hand to comfort and soothe.

TIP: Remember if you visit other people’s houses they will not be child-proofed like yours, so do be extra vigilant.

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